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Recycling Toner Cartridges

   We need your assistance in reducing waste and protecting our environment. One way you can do this is to return used cartridges for recycling and reuse.

   The Cartridge Collection Program makes cartridge returns easy. Since September 2000, prepaid UPS labels have been included in the packaging of recyclable supplies, which enables customers to easily return qualified cartridges. also involved in the success of our communities. Our company and employees are committed throughout the year to various civic and charitable organizations.

   Now, in addition to UPS labels, prepaid FedEx labels will be included to offer users a choice of carriers who will return recyclable cartridges at no cost to them.

   The returned cassettes are dismantled and reusable parts are recovered. The remaining components are recycled by material recovery methods, whenever possible. The recycling process reduces the amount of waste being produced, conserves natural resources, supports heat/energy recovery programs, and minimizes the material entering landfills.

   There are many toner cartridges that are currently included in the Cartridge Collection Program and the list is growing. Join us in becoming a proactive and responsible leader in resource conservation through cartridge recovery.